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Corner Bumpers

Merco’s tough marine grade vinyl corner bumpers are structurally designed to allow impact but pliable enough so not to damage your boat. They are available in white, black, and gray and have U.V. and fungicide protection and measure 9-1/2” x 9-1/2” x 3-1/4”. They are manufactured using liquid
They're great for protecting your boat from the normally sharp corners on a dock. Use 8 of our stainless ring shank nails (the same as we use to attach rub rail - B-RN) to attach this to all corners of your dock. Its "P" style edge design makes up with our rub rail perfectly!

42" Corner Protector

Merco Marine’s edge and side protectors are blow molded from high density polyethylene, have excellent cold impact and chemical resistance and are UV protected. Attach with 3/8" lag or carriage bolts. Yellow color.

72" Side Protector


3 Ft. Dock Cushion - White

dock cushions black.jpg
Merco’s 3' dock cushions come in either white or black, are made from high density-high impact polyethylene and have a 2" groove for 2" square tubing. Can also be bolted to flat surfaces.

3 Ft. Dock Cushion - Black

dock cushions white.jpg

Dock Wheels

Merco MarineTM heavy duty corner wheel and brackets are made with galvanized steel and 1-1/2" schedule 40 center posts to take lots of punishment. All brackets include a heavy 12” vinyl inflatable wheel and have a special hub for wear. These wheels are great for docking especially when high winds and current make docking difficult. The DW-12HE and the DW-12HLE are designed for use with new construction dock. All other models can be a bolt on accessory to existing dock. The wheel comes standard in either black or white.
All DOCK WHEEL KITS come complete with vinyl wheel, bracket, and assembly components. (does not include fasteners to attach to your dock)

Upright Bumpers

Upright Bumpers.jpg
Protect your boat with Merco's heavy duty uprights. They extend 3' above the dock and 2' below the dock attach a 2" x 6" and our RR-5007 to complete the unit. Hot dipped galvanized after fabrication. The H-UPT is designed for truss frame dock.

Upright Bumpers

This product material is rigid heavy duty polyethylene it is not comparable to the vinyl material that our rubrail is manufactured from. As a result there is very little give or "bumper" type action normally found in our rubrail. Instead, this product provides more of a smooth wear surface between your boat and another hard surface such as a wood or steel piling. 
Heavy duty polyethylene piling bumper comes 2 in a box with stainless ring nails to fasten to your wooden pile. Two strips per box 48" long giving you a total of 96" or 8'. - White or Blue color.
These pile bumpers are great for use in rugged areas such as stationary piers and seawalls where you have piling and you would like a bumper to protect your boat.
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